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Monday, August 24, 2020

How to Fight Corruption & Injustice

The spirit behind publishing this tool is to empower the citizen, the educated common man, to understand the functioning of the institutions that surround him/her and which, at present, make him feel helpless, desperate and humiliated.

This is like helping one to domesticate a wild horse. It is tough but rewarding. And also to convince the rider that the wild horse is worth owning and keeping in his stable. In other words, we want to help him regain his faith in men and women who are operating these mechanisms. By and large, they deserve it. 
 From the basic understanding of what is a complaint to deeper concepts like self-governance, this pocket book is a self help tool for everyone. 
With the growth of civil society, higher development of human resources and the emergence of several economic actors, we have every right to expect more efficiency and quality in all the goods and services that are delivered to us. Efficiency means planned or timely delivery, sustainability without wastage and knowledge-based skill. Quality means excellence and beauty. We are, therefore, in short, fighting for human progress and better human relations.  This book shows how to achieve this to a great extent.

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